Dreaming of Eden

So happy to release the video short for our song ?dreaming of Eden?!! So much to say…first, I hope the fans love the book Eden. Second, we wanted to GIVE YOU SOMETHING FREE cuz we love you all! The song is exclusive to the book but it comes free with every book. Third, this song and message is special to me because it expresses so much of what i believe. We are all living in a fallen world and we are trying to get back to where we came from. To a place where we don’t have violence, hate, bigotry, loneliness, where no one suffers from depression. In short, we are all dreaming of Eden. Dreaming of a place where we did not eat the forbidden fruit in the garden. We want to go home to a place where we are no longer separated from God. This is what this song is about. And good news: in a sense, we are ALREADY home. We do NOT have to be separated from God. If the kingdom of God and His rule and dominion has come to my heart, then am I not living in His kingdom now? Has He not given me a new heart and a new mind? Has He not given me righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit? Has He not given me the Spirit of Christ, living in me? I may not see Him face to face…YET. But He is with me nonetheless.