Happy Birthday Alex20191030151919

Happy Birthday Alex

October 30, 2019
Happy birthday to my daughter Alex!! WOW. Where did the time go? Being your dad has been one of the greatest joys in my life....
Why won’t Christian Musicians get political?20191030151828

Why won’t Christian Musicians get political?

October 30, 2019
Why won't Christian Musicians get political? John L. Cooper (photo by @marynikkel insta) An article was written for CNN entit...
Bring Your Bible to School Day20191030151629

Bring Your Bible to School Day

October 30, 2019
Tomorrow (October 3) is ?bring your bible to school day.? There has been a small amount of people who are upset with this, wh...
What I’m Reading20191030151538

What I’m Reading

October 30, 2019
People often ask me what I?m reading. I haven’t done book reviews but I love reading and this book is poignant for seve...
Virginity Rocks20191030151422

Virginity Rocks

October 30, 2019
I couldn’t agree more! Imagine my shock as I?m walking through the mall and seeing Zumiez supporting abstinence. Obviou...
Dreaming of Eden20191024012040

Dreaming of Eden

October 24, 2019
So happy to release the video short for our song ?dreaming of Eden?!! So much to say…first, I hope the fans love the bo...
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